Rent Ferrari in Dubai

Sports cars

3800 AED = 1040 USD
Ferrari Portofino (red) rental in DubaiHIT
2018 / 4 seats / Robotic
3800 AED = 1040 USD
Ferrari Portofino (black) rental in DubaiHIT
2021 / 4 seats / Robotic
3800 AED = 1040 USD
Ferrari 488 Spider rental in Dubai
2017 / 2 seats / Robotic
5000 AED = 1365 USD
Ferrari Roma rental in Dubai
2021 / 4 seats / Robotic
5500 AED = 1505 USD
Ferrari F8 Spider rental in DubaiHIT
2021 / 2 seats / Robotic
5500 AED = 1505 USD
Ferrari F8 Coupe rental in DubaiHIT
2021 / 2 seats / Robotic
8000 AED = 2190 USD
Ferrari 812 GTS rental in DubaiNEW
2022 / 2 seats / Robotic
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Ferrari rental in Dubai

The UAE – How Sweet the Sounds…

Anyone, who wants to see the fabulous Eastern countries, the local sights and the landscapes the best way is to rent the car. But when we speak about such a luxury and a wealthy state, of course, we will need a special car. A rent of the Ferrari in Dubai is not unrealizable as it may seem. The service is not very expensive.

Everyone, who has seen this country, in unison say that for the full experience you will need a car. What kind of a car to choose, everyone decides for himself. But if you can fork out the Ferrari, certainly it must be this beauty.

It is the fact, that Dubai is full of companies offering the rent services. So, the prices are reduced as much as possible. Moreover, if the rent is per week, its price is further reduced. Thus, the fans of the super spectacular photos on the background of the steep wheelbarrows should go in Dubai. A wonderful holiday here will be unforgettable, fantastic and elite!

For the businessmen a rent of the Ferrari is not a brain fart and is not a waste of money. It is the indicator of their status and success of the business. Potential or actual partners are always fully appreciated each other. The car isn’t an exception. Therefore, a successful businessman will definitely use the opportunity to emphasize the social status. The Ferrari is not a business car, but the trip in Dubai is not only for a business, but also for a rest. Successful people relax efficiently. And the car must meet these requirements.

A rent of the Ferrari in Dubai.

The UAE is a country where you can drive having a certificate of the international standard [IDP]. The rights of the CIS countries are invalid on the territory of the state but you also must have them.

It is very simple to get the IDP:

  • it is enough to ask the search engine in the Internet the offices, which are responsible for giving out the IDPs;
  • to learn and to collect the documents;
  • to pay a state fee;
  • to hand over the documents;
  • to get the International Driving Permit.

You should take into account that the firm will prefer cashless money. Therefore, to rent the Ferrari in Dubai you need to ensure that your credit card has enough money to pay for the service.