Rent Maserati in Dubai


1300 AED = 355 USD
2018 / 5 seats / Automatic / Deposit 3000 AED
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Maserati rental in Dubai

When you are going to Dubai for a vacation or a business trip for a long period of time, you think about your moving around the city. The most convenient way of solving the problem is a car rent.

Dubai is considered one of the most chic cities in the world. And you would like to look luxurious at the background of local sights, skyscrapers and modern architecture. So it is necessary to choose a luxury car. Many visitors prefer to rent Maserati in Dubai. You need to provide several documents and have enough money.

To rent Maserati in Dubai, you should have a driver’s license of the international class and you must be over 21 years old.

Rules of hiring Maserati in Dubai.

  • Don’t sit at the wheel of the car in the state of intoxication. You may be put into prison.
  • You must return the car with the fullness of the tank with which it was taken or the amount of the missing fuel will be charged automatically from your card. Gasoline prices are much lower than in Europe or in Russia.
  • Some firms offer discounts if you rent the car for a long period of time.
  • You must have your passport and a credit card to confirm a payment for the service. Sometimes some additional documents are required.
  • The absence of the international driver’s permit does not mean a complete rejection of the lease; there are some companies given a provisional license for a certain amount of money. They will be valid in the UAE.
  • If you get into an accident, the authorities will never be on your side. This is especially true for the accidents in which you are guilty.
  • A rent is for any period of time. It may be from several hours to several months.

The Advantages of Renting Maserati in Dubai.

  • The speed of moving.
  • Luxury appearance at the wheel of a luxury car and everyone is at your feet.
  • You don’t depend on the schedule of the public transport or waiting for the taxi.
  • Trips are in any direction and at any time without limits.
  • If you are in Dubai on a business trip, your partners appreciate your car and will be more favorable while concluding contracts and establishing contacts.
  • Women will appreciate your presentable car of a luxury class. And it is a special bonus for men.